Polystyrene Rendering

Polystyrene Rendering is one of the newer rendering methods in the industry that has been increased in popularity over the last few years. What caused the increase in demand for this rendering method was the constant urge for a better wall insulation and the pressing requirements for energy efficiency. These two necessities made experts looking at alternative solutions to the traditional rendering and expressing their interest in polystyrene.


Also it was known that the polystyrene was a good insulating material and it was successfully introduced in house and building constructions, mostly for exterior walls, acting as a formwork for the concrete, but also for interior walls, basements or ceilings. This building technique is referred to as Insulated Concrete Formwork and needs to be acrylic rendered.


Some of the major advantages of using polystyrene rendering are:

Energy Efficient

Due to the fantastic insulation level provided, it will help retain a constant temperature inside. Hot weather during summer and cold weather during winter will find it difficult to pierce through and effect the inside temperature.



As the inside temperature will be easy to maintain at constant desired levels, there will be no more expenses with different other ways or devices for cooling down or warming up your house. The energy bills will encounter a drastic fall.



Done properly, it will not deteriorate in time or rot, and is extremely resistant to mildew.


Acoustic Insulator

The outside noise level is being drastically reduced, to levels so low that it would be hardly audible.


Environmental Friendly

Also environmental friendly, reducing carbon emissions.